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During this session we capture how cute and funny babies are at this age.

Is your child's birthday coming up and do you want to celebrate this in a special way? 

Then book a smash cake photoshoot!

At a smash cake photoshoot I take spontaneous pictures of your baby with a beautiful cake. The cake will be made specially for your child in the colour that you choose. 

Your child can break the cake and eat it with their hands.

We start by taking pictures without a cake, so that you also have some beautiful portrait pictures of your baby. After that your baby will get the cake and the smash cake photoshoot will be a small party!

To close the photoshoot (to wash the face and sticky hands), the baby (up to 1 year) can take a bath. Here I can make some nice pictures if you like (of course decent pictures only). You can use the pictures as a birthday invitation or decoration for your baby birthday party! Or just as a reminder.

See  bellow some of sample cakes for inspiration! 

Smash cake photograph

What can you expect at the time of the smash cake photoshoot?


The smash cake photoshoot is done in 3 parts. 

- In the first part I will take some pictures of your baby without the cake, that way you will have some cute pictures before she/him get dirty.

- In the second part I will give the baby the cake. All the babies are different, some of the babies attack the cake right away, others need their own time. That’s what makes it special and cute! I’m there to capture this moment.

- In the last part is in the cute bathtub. During this part I will need some help of the parents to make some bubbles to interact with the baby meanwhile I’m photographing. 

What is included in this shoot?

- The decoration and the cake. 

- You just need to take care of the outfit. (For some of the themes that are on my website I have some cute outfits, when you chose the theme we will talk about the options)


Where the photoshoot will take place?

- At the comfort of your own house. I’ll take care of everything and I just need a small space somewhere in the living room where have the most sun light. 


How many days before the photos will be delivered?

- 2 weeks.


Is it possible for the photos to be delivered in 24 hours after the shoot?

- Yes it’s possible, there will be an extra fee of €50,-